Research Areas in Various Departments/Centres/Schools

Centre for Polymer Science & Engineering [Code PTZ]

  • Research Areas :

    Synthesis of speciality polymers; Structure-property correlation in polymeric materials; Rheology and processing polymers, polymer blend and alloys; Fibre/particulate filled thermoplastic/thermoset composites: Degradation and stabilization of polymers; Mechanical and thermal properties of polymeric systems, crystallization of polymers in blends/composites, Reactive Processing; Modification of polymers, photodegradable polymers. Morphological Studies of polymers; polymer nanocomposites. Smart polymers, Micro and nano hydrogels; high performance polymeric materials for fuel cells; Modelling and simulation in polymers processing; Computer analysis of mould filling; Design and stress analysis of engineering component form polymeric materials. Polymer electronics, Synthesis of conjugated organic materials, Olefin polymerization catalysts.