List of Chairman of DRC/CRC

List of Chairman of DRC/CRC from the period from 01.08.2014 to 31.07.2015

Deptt./Centre/School Chairman Email Id Contact No.
Department of Applied Mechanics      Prof. S.V. Veeravalli      1182     
Department of Biochemical Enggineering & Bio technology      Prof. Prashant Mishra      1015     
Department of Chemical Enggineering      Prof. S. Basu      1035     
Department of Chemistry      Prof. A.J. Elias      1504     
Department of Civil Enggineering      Prof. Manoj Datta      1183     
Department of Computer Science & Enggineering      Prof. Prem Kalra      1295     
Department of Electrical Enggineering      Prof. V.K. Jain      1079     
Department of Humanities & Social Sciences      Prof. Punima Singh      1367     
Department of Management Studies      Prof. Kanika T. Bahl      1175     
Department of Mathematics      Prof. K. Sreenadh      1470     
Department of Mechanical Enggineering      Prof. S.K. Saha      1135     
Department of Physics      Prof. Arun Kumar      1361     
Department of Textile Technology      Prof. R Chattopadhyay      1412     
Centre for Applied Research in Electronics      Prof R. Bahl      1103     
Centre for Atmospheric Sciences      Prof.(Ms) Manju Mohan      1313     
Centre for Biomedical Enggineering      Prof. Veena Koul      1041     
Centre for Energy Studies      Prof. T.S. Bhatti      1265     
Centre for Industrial Tribology, Machine Dynamics & Maintenance Enggineering (ITMMEC)      Prof. O.P. Gandhi      1276     
Instrument Design Development Centre (IDDC)      Prof. Chandra Shakher      1431     
Centre for Polymer Science & Enggineering      Prof. A.K. Ghosh      1424     
Centre for Rural development and Technology      Prof. V.K. Vijay      6351     
School of Information Technology      Prof. Prem Kalra, CSE      1295     
National Resource Centre for Value Education in Engineering(NRVEE)      Prof. Santosh Satya, CRDT      ¬†      1159     
School of Biological Sciences      Prof. C.S. Dey      7523