Master of Technology (M.Tech.)

Applied MechanicsM.Tech. in Engineering Mechanics AME
M.Tech. in Design EngineeringAMD
Chemical Engg. M.Tech. in Chemical EngineeringCHE
ChemistryM.Tech. in Molecular Engineering: Chemical Synthesis & AnalysisCYM
Civil Engg.M.Tech. in Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental EngineeringCEG
M.Tech. in Rock Engineering and Underground StructureCEU
M.Tech. in Structure EngineeringCES
M.Tech. in Water Resources EngineeringCEW
M.Tech. in Construction Engineering and ManagementCET
M.Tech. in Construction Technology and Management (Ü)CEC
M.Tech. in Environmental Engineering and ManagementCEV
M.Tech. in Transportation EngineeringCEP
Computer Science & Engg.M.Tech. in Computer Science and EngineeringMCS
Electrical Engg.M.Tech. in Communications EngineeringEEE
M.Tech. in Computer TechnologyEET
M.Tech. in Control and AutomationEEA
M.Tech. in Integrated Electronics and CircuitsEEN
M.Tech. in Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and DrivesEEP
M.Tech. in Power SystemsEES
Mechanical Engg.M.Tech. in Design of Mechanical EquipmentMED
M.Tech. in Industrial EngineeringMEE
M.Tech. in Production EngineeringMEP
M.Tech. in Thermal EngineeringMET
PhysicsM.Tech. in Applied OpticsPHA
M.Tech. in Solid State MaterialsPHM
Textile TechnologyM.Tech. in Fibre Science & TechnologyTTF
M.Tech. in Textile EngineeringTTE
Applied Research in ElectronicsM.Tech. in Radio Frequency Design and TechnologyCRF
Atmospheric SciencesM.Tech. in Atmospheric-Oceanic Science and TechnologyAST
Interdisciplinary ProgrammeM.Tech. in Computer ApplicationsJCA
M.Tech. in Energy StudiesJES
M.Tech. in Energy and Environmental ManagementJEN
M.Tech. in Industrial Tribology and Maintenance EngineeringJIT
M.Tech. in Instrument TechnologyJID
M.Tech. in Optoelectronics and Optical CommunicationJOP
M.Tech. in Polymer Science and TechnologyJPT
M.Tech. in Telecommunication Technology ManagementJTM
M.Tech. in VLSI Design Tools and Technology (Ü)JVL