Research Areas in Various Departments/Centres/Schools

Department of Textile Technology [Code TTZ]

  • Textile Engineering :

    Design and analysis of yarn and fabric formation systems: rotor spinning, ring spinning and air jet spinning, friction spinning, weaving, knitting, nonwovens, braiding etc. ; structural mechanics of textiles; high stress elastic materials; apparels and garments; comfort, handle and other functional aspects of fibrous assemblies; design and development of technical textiles: geotextiles, filter fabrics, medical textiles, protective textiles, textile composites etc; systems analysis; textile production and marketing; operation management and supply chain management; textile instrumentation and machine development; modeling and simulation of textile processes and products;quality management.

  • Textile Chemical Technology :

    Textile chemical processing: preparatory processes, dyeing, printing and finishing; surface functionalization by plasma and UV excimer lamp; micro and nano encapsulation; conducting textiles; natural dyes; bio active textiles; textile ecology and environment.

  • Fibre Science & Technology :

    Synthesis and characterization of advanced polymeric materials, Fibre formation processes,modeling and simulation structure property correlation; functional and responsive polymers, smart textiles; modification of natural and synthetic fibres; nanofibers by electrostatic spinning, nanomaterials: synthesis and application in textiles; coated textiles; nanocomposites, green composites; medical textiles, tissue engineering, sustainability and polymer recycling.