Research Areas in Various Departments/Centres/Schools

Department of Computer Science & Engineering [Code CSZ]

  • Research Areas :

    Computer Architecture, VLSI Design Automation, Embedded Systems, Hardware-Software Co-design, System level Design and Design Space Exploration, ASIP Synthesis, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Virtual environments, Geometric modeling, Model representation, 3D Visualization and Animation, Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Databases, Data Mining, Computer Networks, High-Speed Networks, Wireless and mesh networks, WiFi/WiMax, ad hoc and Sensor networks, Delay Tolerant Networks and Opportunistic communication, Multimedia systems, Peer-to-peer networking, Network measurement and modeling, Social networking, Protocol validation and verification, Analysis of algorithms, Randomized and Approximation algorithms, Graph algorithms, Computational Geometry, Combinatorial Optimization, Web-related computation, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Programming Language Semantics and Design, Semantics of Concurrency and Distributed Computation, Formal Methods and Verification, Compilers, Software Engineering, Service-oriented computing, Foundations and Models of Computing, Computational and Systems Biology.