Research Areas in Various Departments/Centres/Schools

Department of Chemistry [Code CYZ]

  • Research Areas :

    Theoretical Chemistry. Quantum & classical computer simulation on chemical and biochemical systems. Biophysical chemistry Synthetic and Mechanistic organic chemistry. Carbohydrate Chemistry. Bio- organic chemistry, Organometallics, Coordination & bio-inorganic chemistry. Solid stale chemistry. Dielectric malerials, Inter metallic compounds. Ion-exchangers. Supramolecular chemistry, Molecular organization and recognition, Process Developments for the Organic Transformations, Polymer chemistry. NMR speetroscopy, Enzyme structure, stability & folding, Pcptidc synthesis. Bio separations, Design of reusable biocatalyst. Non-aqueous enzymology. Enzyme Immobilization and Bioeonvcrsions, Nanomatcrials (optical properties, photovoltaics) Nanocatalysis in ionic liquids, Fluorescence Speetroscopy (Ensemble & Single molecule).