Research Areas in Various Departments/Centres/Schools

Department of Applied Mechanics [Code AMZ]

  • Research Areas :

    Large Deformations, Impact Mechanics, Elasticity, Piezothermoelasticity, Composite Materials and structures Plates and Shells, Non-linear Dynamics and Chaos, Railway Vehicle Dynamics, Off-Shore Structures, Smart Structures, Structural Stability, Snow Mechanics, Dynamic Plasticity, Nano Composites, Damage Mechanics, Experimental and Computational Methods in Solids and Fluids. Soft materials, structural Health Monitoring, Functionally Graded Structures, Active Vibration Control, Biomechanics/Cell Mechanics.

    Internal and External Flows, Pipeline Engineering, Solid-Liquid Flows, Computational Fluid Dynamics,Hydrodynamic Stability; Turbulence, Aerodynamics; Turbulent Heat Transfer Compressible Flows,Fluid-structure Interaction.

    Computer Aided Design, Design Engg., Reliability Engineering, Availability and Maintainability Engg.;Engineering alternatives.

    Physical and Mechanical Metallurgy, Crystal, Plasticity, Phase Transformations, Fracture Mechanics,Fatigue, Environmental cracking, Failure Analysis, Mechanical Properties of Solids, Functionally Graded Materials, Residual Life Estimation, Nano Materials, Amorphous Materials, Metal Foams, Severe Plastic Deformation, Electron Microscopy.